Vehicle Defect Clearance

Defect Order is issued under Vehicle Registration & Construction Regulation 106. Defect Order is issued to motor vehicle and trailers contravening the Vehicle Registration & Construction Regulation.


  1. Original copy of Defect Order


1 For Private vehicles $13.74
2 For PSV vehicles $26.07


  1. You will need to directly come to one of the LTA offices and go to the Vehicle Examiner.
  2. Take with you the defect notice that has been given to you.
  3. Vehicle examiner will re-check if the defect has been fixed and will give you an advice slip.
  4. You will need to bring that advice slip to the CSO counter together with your defect notice.
  5. Pay the fees to the CSO and your defects will be cleared.


  • Vehicle Defect Clearance