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Jul 14, 2016
Dear Customers

In a bid to ensure that only quality vehicles are brought into Fiji, the Land Transport Authority has engaged the Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center Company Limited (JEVIC) to conduct pre-shipment structural and mechanical inspection of used vehicles.

Numerous cases of deception in the used vehicle industry have been encountered whereby some Authorized Motor Vehicle Dealers (AMVDs) are giving false information when they sell used vehicles to their customers and the customer ends up with a defective vehicle.

There have been many cases of odometer-tampering and half-cut vehicles being sold, but with JEVIC appraisal in place, unscrupulous dealers will not be able to rip-off their customers as JEVIC will only issue an appraisal to those vehicles that meet the standards.

Some frequently asked questions about pre-shipment inspections are highlighted below:

  1. What is the point of the inspection?

    This inspection is to ensure that low quality used vehicles do not enter the Fiji vehicle fleet, and discourage fraudulent practice.

  2. What is JEVIC?

    Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center (JEVIC) is a pre-shipment vehicle inspection agency. 

  3. What services does JEVIC provide for vehicle importers from Fiji?
    1. Structural compliance verification
    2. Odometer verification
    3. Stolen vehicle verification
    4. Euro 4 verification
    5. Emission check as per LTA Standard
    6. Translation of documents
    7. Biosecurity checks for gross contamination
    8. Appraisal certificate
    9. Online access to certificate and data


  4. How will I benefit from JEVIC pre-shipment inspections?
    1. Ensures safer road with structurally compliant vehicles being operated.
    2. Puts a stop on odometer tampering.
    3. Ensures quality investment.
    4. Ensures vehicle safety on roads.
    5. Avoids adverse health impacts due to emissions and radiation.
    6. Avoids unnecessary hassle running for service and maintenance of substandard vehicles.
    7. Get an appraisal report from LTA prior to purchase.


  5. How can I know whether the vehicle I want to buy has been inspected by JEVIC?

    JEVIC inspected vehicles have an inspection sticker placed on the vehicle windscreen. Verification can also be done with LTA or FRCA.

  6. What other services can I make use of as a customer?

    Customers can pay for a pre-shipment vehicle search to be done by LTA which would give them all the details of the vehicle prior to coming into the country and JEVIC inspection outcome. This service would be available for vehicles coming in the country after 16th of August.

  7. What is the pre-shipment inspection fee per vehicle?

    The inspection fee per vehicle is FJ$169 VEP or its equivalent in Japanese Yen payable to JEVIC in Japan.

  8. Where can I get the inspection?

    JEVIC inspects vehicles within main port areas at forwarders yards and exporters premises:

    Kawasaki / Yokohama: Higashioogishima, Daikoku-Futo
    Nagoya: Kinjyo-Futo, Inaei
    Osaka: Sukematsu-Futo, Shiomi-Futo, Phoenix
    Kobe: Rokko Island
    Moji : Moji Port

    For locations outside 10km from JEVIC Area Offices a travel fee may apply. Please contact JEVIC Yokohama for advice. 

  9. Who do I contact for pre-shipment inspection?

    Please contact the JEVIC head office for bookings:

    JEVIC Yokohama
    15 Daikoku-Futo, Tsurumi-Ku, Yokohama City
    Kanagawa Prefecture, 230-0054
    Tel: +81-(0)45-521-8527

  10. What should I do if I require any further information on the process?

Customers can enquire with LTA on our website: or via email at or JEVIC through