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Beware of LTA Imposters

Jan 17, 2018

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is warning members of the public to be alert and aware of any LTA officer impersonators who dishonestly deal with taxi permits.

Recently, LTA has received complaints from various individuals about people who have claimed to be LTA officers and have offered to arrange taxi permits.

These impersonators have also taken money from the individuals whilst pretending to arrange the taxi permits.

According to the complaints received by LTA, these fraudsters call the individuals and offer to arrange them taxi permits and ask for deposits to be made into their bank accounts for the pretentious work.

It is rather unfortunate that people who have fallen into such scams and made payments to these imposters, did not investigate further or meet these impersonators in person.

The public must know that all LTA transactions and procedures are carried out only at the LTA offices and no LTA officer would call to arrange for any LTA transactions.

The public are urged to simply discard proposals from impersonators who claim that they can arrange for taxi permits and immediately report them to the police.

Moreover, as the freeze on the sale and applications for the taxi permits have been lifted, should any person need clarification, they may visit their nearest LTA offices for further information.

Apart from this, LTA is advising the public to report any such matter to the Police immediately as this offence is serious.

Once again, LTA reiterates that all LTA transactions are carried at the LTA offices nationwide with official receipts and documents.

Therefore, LTA will not be responsible for any third party dealings with these imposters.


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