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Bus schedules and jam

Mar 02, 2018

THE Land Transport Authority is working with the Fiji Roads Authority to ensure buses run on schedule according to the Acting Chairman for LTA, Mr Ashok Patel.

Mr Patel said that failure to comply to the terms of permit in respect of PSV is a chargeable offence under the LTA regulation section 62.

“Traffic congestion is something we are facing only now due to infrastructural developments and volume of vehicles, however once the road works are completed traffic flow will be normal which is a challenge to everyone as we are managing,” Mr Patel said.

According to Mr Patel there are other factors which contribute to the delay in the running of the bus service some of which include lack of consideration and respect by other road users.

“Sometimes buses are in queue, and passengers start getting off before getting to the bus bay and therefore we urge drivers to ensure passengers wait and disembark at the bus bay,” Mr Patel added.

“Moreover, to make the drivers job easier, we urge other road users to refrain from parking vehicles at the bus bay and leaving them unattended, and to give way to buses should they be leaving the bus bay.”

“Under the traffic regulation 13 it is a chargeable offence if a driver fails to give way to a bus after it has indicated to exit the bay.”

Other issues raised included bus drivers not stopping at bus bays to pick up passengers, according to Mr Patel this was not an everyday occurrence, although when reports are received appropriate action is taken by the authority



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