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Loud music in buses

Mar 02, 2018

The responsibility to ensure passengers have a safe and comfortable travel on public buses is on both passengers and the drivers says LTA’s Acting Chairman Mr Ashok Patel

Mr Patel made the comment when responding to complains raised by media on loud music and passenger behavior in buses.

While LTA acknowledges the existence of the problem, according to Mr Patel in some cases passengers ask the drivers to turn up the music, especially the young generation.

He said this practice was mostly common during major sporting events and when school students were traveling on the bus.

“Sometimes the drivers reduce the volume of the music when passing police or LTA checkpoint and once they are in a ‘safer zone’ they increase the volume, but we do not condone this practice,” Mr Patel said.

“Our enforcement team throughout Fiji are issuing Traffic Infringement Notices (TINs) also LTA cannot have mobility and visibility 24x7 so if possible, the customers can lodge a complaint by texting the vehicle number, time and location to 582 or report to police for drastic action if traffic offence are created.”

“If law enforcement team has been called to attend a complaint regarding the public service vehicle playing loud music, the driver of the vehicle is issued with a traffic infringement notice for causing undue noise under Regulation 46 and 87 of Land Transport (Traffic) Regulations 2000 as due diligent process.”

“Loud music is not only a nuisance to the occupants of the vehicle, but it also distracts the driver. The driver can also be issued with a traffic infringement notice for inconsiderate driving under Section 99 (2) and 114 of Land Transport Act.”

As enforcement measures, apart from issuing traffic infringement notice, LTA will call all drivers who have offended more than three times for a show cause, additionally vehicle owners have also been issued warnings with regards to the subject matter.

“Before it was a major issue, but now the complains registered has reduced however that does not mean the problem does not exist we acknowledge there is a problem and therefore we urge members of the public to lodge complain to LTA,” Mr Patel added.

LTA is calling on passengers, drivers and bus operators to be considerate of other people on a bus and to refrain from making unnecessary noise which could cause inconvenience to the general public

LTA has issued year to date a total of 32 TINs for causing undue noise, 89 TINs for conduct of drivers and 248 TINs were issued for carrying excess passengers.



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