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62 Enforcement Officers inducted

Mar 15, 2018

Courtesy and humility must always be upheld when dealing with people, this was the message from LTA Chairman, Mr Vijay Maharaj to the 62 newly inducted Enforcement Officers.

Mr Maharaj while addressing at the induction reiterated the importance of being good ambassadors of the Authority to the road users.

“The whole idea of enforcement is to ensure people abide by the traffic laws of the country, you have to make sure the rules are followed,” Mr Maharaj said.

“Just because you have the uniform does not mean that you can abuse the power, remember at all times, please ensure that you always be courteous.”

Mr Maharaj said the aim of the training was to up skill the enforcement officers to be courteous and humble at all times.

He added that the training will ensure the new recruits are able to deal with all types of people while being polite yet firm.

The new officers will undergo a 2 weeks training which will be carried out theoretically and practically before being posted to different districts and regions across the country.

Mr Maharaj also took the opportunity to raise some concerns which the Authority has in terms of enforcement, major one being overloading.

One of the new recruits, Mr Christer Tianoa said he looked forward to start his duties as an enforcement officer.

The 34 year old said he was inspired by the work which existing enforcement officers did to ensure road users abided by the laws.

Meanwhile, the Authority also conducted an Occupational Health and Safety Training last week, according to Mr Maharaj the training was aimed to provide healthy and safe working environment.