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Be cautious during unfavorable weather

Apr 06, 2018

“Be cautious, plan trips well in advance and don’t take risks that could jeopardize yours or others life,” is the message from the Land Transport Authority Board Chairman Mr. Vijay Maharaj.

Mr. Maharaj made these comments in light of the incidents reported during TC Josie with the current expectation of more adverse weather.

According to the Fiji Meteorological Office, (Tropical Disturbance) TD13F is currently far Northwestwards and is expected to affect the country from later Sunday.

Mr. Maharaj said that in some cases drivers were carelessly trying to cross flooded roads and rivers which is not a wise choice for motorists in these weather conditions.

“When you try to cross flooded roads, you do not know the risks you are putting yourself and your passengers in, there could be a sinkhole or a debris that could be fatal,” said Mr. Maharaj.

Meanwhile Mr. Maharaj said the deaths recorded over the Easter Weekend were unfortunate and that the Authority’s condolences and sympathy are with these families.

“In this adverse weather, please do not go on long road trips as the chances of your motor vehicle getting stuck due to a flood, landslide or any related disaster is high.”

Mr. Maharaj is encouraging drivers to follow the weather bulletin on the radio stations very closely along with the announcement of road closures by the Fiji Roads Authority.

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