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New Taxi Permits

May 28, 2018


Prior to the uplifting of the taxi permit freeze on 01 January 2018, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has announced its first call for the taxi permit applications for the Nadi-1, Nadi-2 and Lautoka-1transport zones.

LTA, will therefore, start receiving Taxi Permit applications for Nadi-1, Nadi-2, and Lautoka-2 transport zones, from May 31 2018 at the Taxi Permit Processing Centre within LTA Lautoka Complex.

The new Taxi Permit Application Forms and its checklist will be available for the interested members of the public at LTA offices in Nadi and Lautoka from 28 May 2018.

The checklists and forms can also be obtained from the LTA website at

The applications for the other zones will be announced later.







Nadi 1

Momi Bay Junction, Yako up to Nadi Town Bridge


Nadi 2

Nadi Town Bridge, Namotomoto, Navoci, Nakavu, Saunaka, Nadi Airport, Martintar, Namaka, Votualevu, Naisoso, Sabeto, Lomolomo


Lautoka 1

Barara, Lomolomo, Veiseisei, Saweni, Lauwaki, Wairabetia,, Velovelo,Taperia, Natabua, Field 40, Navutu, Lautoka City




Above is the table which depicts the transport zones and also the areas covered within the zones announced and the quota.

The LTA Board Chairperson, Vijay Maharaj, said the interested members of the public within the transport zones that have been announced must ensure that they meet the requirements for the application.

“I would like to remind the interested members of the public to ensure that they meet the needful requirements to be able to submit the complete taxi permit application forms,” Mr Maharaj said.

Additionally, Mr Maharaj said that the call for taxi permit applications would attract a large number of crowd but the new processes in the Land Transport (Public Service Vehicles) (Amendment) Regulations, 2017 would ensure that only those who qualified for this would be considered through the most transparent processes.

“The LTA Board, executive management and the staff are working at their best to ensure that the project is executed smoothly and with accordance to the Regulations, our staff are also undergoing trainings to enable rigid vetting of applications and information presented by the applicants,” Mr Maharaj further said.

The requirements for the Taxi Permit Applications are as follows:

  • The applicant must submit a completed taxi permit application form
  • Valid Photo ID (Passport or Voter Registration Card)
  • Police Clearance Report/Receipt
  • Proof of household Income – applicants must submit that the combined income of the applicant and the household members are below $20,000.

Furthermore, an applicant is eligible for a taxi permit if-

The application must comply with Land Transport (PSV) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 Regulation 5E (2) – An applicant is eligible for a taxi permit if-

  • The application complies with the regulation 5C; (A person seeking the issuance of a taxi permit must apply to the Chief Executive within 21days from the date of the last advertisement and must do so in accordance with the process set out in this division);
  • Application is in the prescribed form;
  • The application is accompanied by the prescribed fee;
  • The applicant is a natural person;
  • The applicant is a Fijian citizen;
  • The applicant resides in the transport zone for which the application will be made;
  • The applicant has never been convicted of an offense under Part 12B, 16 or 17 of the Crimes Act2009 or a similar provision of a repealed law or a law or repealed law of another jurisdiction;
  • The applicant does not hold and has never held a taxi permit;
  • Each member of the applicant’s household does not hold and has never held a taxi permit and
  • The total annual income of the members of the applicant’s household does not exceed $20,000.

The applicants are also advised that the new taxi permit applications will be determined by the independent Review Committee, who determine the eligible applicants through the criteria, after which the eligible applications will be put in the barrel draw for final selection of taxi permit recipients as per the transport zones and the quota.


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