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New Taxi Permit Applications, a Success

Jun 14, 2018

Those who have experienced the new processes involved in the application of taxi permits, have labelled the processes, transparent and efficient.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) started receiving new taxi permit applications for the Nadi 1, Nadi 2 and Lautoka 1 transport zones from Thursday at the Girmit Center in Lautoka.

A total of 692 applications were successfully received till Friday afternoon at the Girmit Center.

On Thursday, 406 applications were received by LTA, while on Friday, 286 applications were received.

Hundreds of applicants who experienced the processes at the Center, revealed that they were happy and keen at making their applications, knowing that they received a fair chance of applying.

Shamsher Gull, 48 of Field 40 in Lautoka, said LTA had done good awareness on the requirements, criteria and processes involved in the application of new taxi permits and therefore, most came prepared.

Mr Gull, who is a farmer, moreover said, “I know that there will be a barrel draw and God knows who will have their names called out, but at least a fair chance has been given to those who are in need.”

Moreover, a retired construction worker, Niko Turagakula, 50, said he was optimistic of his application.

“My application went through several checks, before it was finally accepted and this shows how rigid this process is. I thank the LTA for implementing such criteria for issuing of new taxi permits,” Mr Turagakula said.

Mr Turagakula added that he was unemployed for past three months and the new taxi permit, if awarded to him, will be a source of income for him and his family.

LTA Board Chairperson, Vijay Maharaj has thanked the applicants for being considerate and patient with the new processes.

Additionally, Mr Maharaj, said despite the large number of crowd, LTA was successful in processing the applications for day one and day two on time.

“The Girmit Center attracted hundreds of people interested in the application, however, only those who complied with the criteria actually had their applications processed.

Mr Maharaj also highlighted the incidents whereby people with more than $20,000 household income came to make applications and had their applications declined.

Apart from this, officers also received applications with duplicate photo IDs and these were also rejected.

“The fact that LTA has rejected applications depicts that the officers are doing their work within the Regulations set for the New Taxi Permit Applications and the number of applications processed within the two days also shows that LTA is doing its job transparently with proper checks and balances in place,” Mr Maharaj said.

The LTA will resume receiving applications for the Nadi 1, Nadi 2 and Lautoka 1 transport zones, from Monday.

LTA will advertise the call for new taxi permit applications in the other transport zones, later.

 Above is the transport zone, with areas covered and the quota for each zone.

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