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LTA Operations Round the Clock for Road Safety

Jun 25, 2018

“Road Safety Officers are on the roads for a reason and that is to create safe road” is the message from the Land Transport Authority Board Chairperson, Vijay Maharaj.

Mr Maharaj made these comments in light of concerns raised about LTA operations being carried out during peak traffic hours.

“LTA has noted an increase in accidents during peak traffic hours due to drivers not abiding by road markings and signs,” Mr Maharaj said.

“For instance, if a driver is going straight at a roundabout or intending to turn right they use the lane that is dedicated for turning left to beat the long line.”

Mr Maharaj said that such practices could lead to catastrophic consequences which LTA is trying to curb.

He added that this practice was not only common at major roundabouts but also junctions.

Furthermore, according to figures released by the Fiji Police Force majority of the fatalities recorded were between 5am to 8am and 5pm to 8pm.

Mr Maharaj further added that the Road Safety Officers were working around the clock to ensure road safety for all road users.

“If road users abided by road rules, road markings and signs, together, we will be able to create a safer road for everyone,” Mr Maharaj said.

“We have an aim and that is to reduce the number of road fatalities on the roads, so our officers are dedicated to achieving this aim,” Mr Maharaj stated.

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