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Vehicle Tint Standards

Sep 19, 2018

Land Transport Authority (LTA) advises vehicle owners to be aware of the appropriate levels of window tinting to be installed on the vehicle.

Vehicle owners are also reminded that pursuant to the Vehicle Registration and Construction Regulation 2000 Regulation 50 (Amended) Films on windscreens and windows are to be of the following requirements:

  • 70% front window (Visible Light Transmittance)
  • 60% rear window (Visible Light Transmittance)
  • Upper boundary of the windscreen equal to 10% of the depth of the windscreen (measured directly from the driver's seating position), whichever is lower.
  • Tangential to the highest point of the areas swept by the windscreen wipers.

Additionally, drivers are also advised not to put up signage or any form of writings on “front and rear windscreens” as this risks driver visibility.

Vehicle owners are also advised to contact LTA for any further clarification.

Road Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

For further information or clarification on the above please contact LTA Communications on 3392166 ext. 1101 (between 8am to 4pm) or email:


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