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LTA Participates in Cleanup Campaign

Sep 20, 2018

The Land Transport Authority (‘LTA’) partnered with The Rotary Club of Lautoka and stakeholders to lead the World Clean Up Day.

The event took place on Saturday 15 September. The areas covered in the cleanup included Drasa Avenue creek and the road side all the way to Nadovu Park and Navutu roundabout.

LTA Board Chairperson Vijay Maharaj says LTA’s participation in the cleanup campaign reflects LTA’s commitment to the community.

“The purpose of the World Clean Up Day was to create global action to combat solid waste. It helped the Lautoka residents improve the physical appearance of their community, while creating a sense of pride in the Lautoka community,” Mr Maharaj said.

“Through this initiative, residents were inspired to come together and get rid of trash in Lautoka area. This was a big task and would not have been possible without stakeholders and community support.”

Furthermore, Mr Maharaj said that the participation in the cleanup campaign allowed LTA to engage with the community while creating awareness on the importance of road safety.

LTA’s participation in the cleanup campaign was acknowledged by The Rotary Club of Lautoka.


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