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Road Safety Advisory

Oct 22, 2018

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) wishes to advise all road users to be mindful of road safety during this rainy weather condition.

LTA Board Chairman Vijay Maharaj advises road users to take extra caution while on the road during this bad weather.

“There are risks involved for drivers such as poor visibility during driving, slippery road surface that will result in drivers losing control of their vehicle, vehicle skidding off the road or colliding with other vehicles and flash floodings that may cause difficulty for drivers on the road.

“Drivers are also advised to be mindful of the speed limits and keep a safe distance while driving.

“Over speeding is one of the major causes of road fatalities and we don’t want anyone to become another victim of a road accident.

“Road accident statistics is alarming as well and we need the support of motor vehicle owners and the general public to help in keeping our roads safe, “Mr Maharaj said.

Mr Maharaj is also urging pedestrians to be alert at all times, especially when crossing the road in the rain.

Mr Maharaj is also requesting members of the community to call LTA or text on 582 for any complaints regarding drivers during this rainy weather to prevent road accidents.


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