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Medical screening for LTA staff

Oct 25, 2018

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) organised a medical screening for its staff at the headquarters in Valelevu, Nasinu on Friday last week.

Approximately 200 staff were checked by the health officials from the Ministry of Health.

LTA Board Chairman Vijay Maharaj said the medical screening was important for the staff.

“The screening was conducted to identify risks to health and improve our staff well-being.

“This was the second medical screening organised this year and we are thankful to the Ministry of Health for conducting the screening for us,”Mr Maharaj said.

“It is important to have medical screening conducted to our staff since the increase in non-communicable diseases can be very harmful to an individual and having regular check-ups will help us identify health risks.

Nurses from the Ministry of Health conducted blood pressure tests, sugar levels, calculated Body Mass Index and nutritional advice were given to the staff.

“The medical screening for our staff is conducted bi-annually as it will mitigate risks involving health of our staff at an early stage,”Mr Maharaj said.

“We are thankful to the Ministry of Health for conducting this medical screening free of charge to our staff as it will surely improve health of our staff.

Mr Maharaj is also reminding LTA staff to be responsible of their health by having healthy diet every day and exercise regularly to live a healthy life.



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