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LTA appoints Branch Managers

Nov 01, 2018

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) started an induction training for its new Branch Managers today at Novotel in Lami.

Eight Branch Managers are attending the induction training to familiarise themselves with LTA, Regulations, policies and to meet the staff before they take up their position at respective branches. 

Chief Guest at the event and Board Chairman Vijay Maharaj congratulated the Branch Managers on their appointment.

“This is the first appointment of Branch Managers at LTA and I congratulate you all.

“It is an important and memorable occasion for our new appointees as some of you are existing staff, who are for the first time being appointed to such positions, while some of you are from the private or public sector joining LTA for the first time. So I am sure you share the excitement of the day with me,”Mr Maharaj said.

Mr Maharaj said the appointment of Branch Managers is also an important part of LTA’s reforms, especially in the enhancement of LTA’s customer services as LTA expect the Branch Managers to take up this leadership role in not only managing, but also uplifting the service delivery in their respective branches.    

“The previous processes that took time for important administrative matters to be approved by Regional Managers in the three different Divisions will no longer be a barrier for our customer turnaround time.

“We have now dissolved the position of Regional Managers as now the duties of Regional Managers will be handled by the respective Branch Managers,”Mr Maharaj said.

“The processes involved will save time and benefit everyone especially our customers.

Mr Maharaj said the appointment of Branch Managers exemplifies the emphasis LTA places upon staff development.

“You have been selected for this role as being the best out of the many who applied for the position. You were selected after meeting all the key selection criteria under the Open Merit Recruitment & Selection (OMRS) Guidelines. The Branch Manager position is a newly created position at LTA this year which requires Managers to effectively manage, lead, organize and control resources and day to day running of your Branches.

“LTA has 12 Branches altogether around the country and you will play a lead role in the Branch,”he said.

“This position is responsible for coordinating and overseeing branch operations, including staff hiring, training, and supervision. It will also require you to come up with appropriate and innovative strategies to increase productivity and performance levels in order to achieve positive and maximum results for the organization.

“Furthermore, besides your managerial duties, more importantly, you will also be responsible to our customers and stakeholders. Therefore, this position is one of the highly challenging and demanding position within LTA and I expect each one of you to perform to your best and meet the delivery requirements of this position.

Mr Maharaj also urged the Branch Managers to be honest and adhere to LTA’s Values in their work.

“Being honest means choosing not to lie, steal, cheat, or deceive in any way. When we are honest, we build strength of character that will allow us to be of great service to the organization, stakeholders, customers and others. So I expect you to be honest with your work,”Mr Maharaj added.

Branch Manager Induction

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