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Festive Season Road Safety

Dec 27, 2018

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is reiterating its advice to all motorists and members of the public to be mindful of road safety during this festive season.

Board Chairman Vijay Maharaj is reminding drivers to be more vigilant on the road and drive with caution during this festive season to make roads safer as we approach towards 2019.

“Some important road safety measures which drivers need to follow are; driving within speed limits and adhere to traffic signals, don’t drink and drive and most importantly avoid any distraction while driving such as use of mobile phone, etc as this can cause serious accident.

“Drivers are also advised to be mindful of speed limits in towns and cities as roads will be busy so we need to have patience while driving, “Mr Maharaj said.

“Pedestrians are also advised to take extra care on the road to ensure their safety. Cross at traffic lights when the crossing sign appears and use zebra crossing where necessary to avoid accident.

Mr. Maharaj said that the LTA will be working with Fiji Police Force during this festive season to ensure an accident free season.

“We will be conducting road safety operations during this festive season with Fiji Police and drivers are advised to be mindful of road rules at all times.

Mr Maharaj also wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Here are some important road safety tips to follow:

  • Don't drink and drive-Refrain from driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol as it may cause accident resulting in serious injuries or even death.
  • Speed limits-Drive within the speed limits at all times. Speed limit signs are there on the roads to ensure that drivers are driving within the speed limit.
  • Always wear your seat belt-It is important for drivers and passengers to wear seat belts. Seat belt help save lives and we advise all drivers to ensure that they wear seat belt at all times and also ensure passengers wear seat belt as well for their safety.
  • Take extra precautions when driving during bad weather- It has been often seen that drivers are over speeding during bad weather. Drivers are advised to refrain from such practice.
  • Practice defensive driving-It is very important for drivers to drive defensively. Always drive as close to the left as possible as that will lessen the chances of drivers being involved in an accident.
  • Keep your vehicle in top condition at all times- Ensure maintenance of your vehicle at all times.
  • Avoid distractions-Don’t use mobile phones while driving.
  • Avoid driving when drowsy- Never drive a vehicle if you feel drowsy or unwell. If you are tired, pull your vehicle over at a safe parking spot and have a rest before proceeding on to your destination.


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