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LTA warns on abuse of eTransport cards

Jan 18, 2019

Land Transport Authority (LTA) is warning against the abuse of eTransport cards.

This comes to light after complaints have been received by LTA about people abusing the Government subsidised eTransport cards.

Chief Executive Officer Samuel Simpson is urging bus commuters to refrain from the abuse of the system.

“Commuters are to be reminded that the subsidized eTransport cards issued by the Government are there for an important reason which is to assist people.

“There are subsidised cards for children, senior citizen and person with disability and it is our humble request to people not to use subsidised eTransport cards for their own benefit,” Mr. Simpson said.

There are three types of subsidised eTransport cards namely Blue for school children, Purple for senior citizen and Green eTransport subsidized card is for people with disability while Yellow card is for all other children and Red card for adults who do not fall under the underprivileged category.

“Commuters are reminded that it is an offence as per regulation if anyone is using subsidised cards for their own advantage and is liable for a penalty of $150.00 under an Electronic Fare Ticketing (Omnibus) (Amended) Regulation.

Mr. Simpson is also reminding every passenger to ensure that he or she while travelling on an omnibus must pay the omnibus correct fare through bus card reader provided in the omnibus.

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