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Land Transport Authority - Essential Consumer Advice Buying & Selling Vehicles

Jan 28, 2019

If you are buying a vehicle/vehicles or a transport business before committing to purchase check with the LTA to see if there are outstanding Traffic Infringement Notices (TIN’s) on any of the vehicles. Contact the LTA at providing us with essential information such as:

- Vehicle Registration Number
- Type model and colour of vehicle
- Name and Address of Current Registered Owner

We will search our database and inform you whether there are any outstanding TIN’s against the vehicle/s you are proposing to purchase.

If the vehicle is clear of TIN’s then you are safe to proceed with the purchase. If there are outstanding unpaid TIN’s against the vehicle/s these will have to be paid off in full with cleared funds before the vehicle transfer can take place. Either way we will notify you.

Don’t get caught - Always do your full due diligence on every vehicle purchase!

Hiring Out Your Vehicle

If you are hiring out your vehicle to a third party driver or operator ALWAYS ensure that you have a written agreement in place covering such essential elements like ensuring that any TIN’s attached to your vehicle are cleared by the hirer. Failure to do so will result in your vehicle/s attracting fines and penalties which you as the vehicle owner or operator will have to clear.

Samuel Simpson

Chief Executive Officer

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