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LTA Cracks Down on Illegal Motor Vehicle Operations

Feb 04, 2019

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has impounded fifty-six motor vehicles for illegal operations on the road as part of its road safety and enforcement operations to crackdown on illegal operations of motor vehicles.

The operation which began last month has resulted in fifty-six vehicles being impounded with eighteen private cars seized over the weekend of 2/3rd February in Suva for offences as illegal installation of taxi meters in vehicles to operate unauthorised taxis.

LTA Chief Executive Officer Samuel Simpson raised his concern on the matter and has warned motorists to refrain from illegal operations.

“This is an important operation for LTA to curb illegal operations and deter offenders on the road and ensuring public safety. If you travel in an illegal taxi you are not insured as a passenger.

 “Our enforcement team has been working tirelessly since the beginning of this year on the road as part of this operation and I thank the team for their efforts to apprehend these drivers.

Mr. Simpson said the LTA has increased its activity this year on the road and will work hard to ensure the safety of all road users through continuous enforcement activity.

We are concerned with the manipulation of taxi meters in the private vehicles and have begun an investigation into this together with the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service in relation to non-payment of tax on illegal earnings.

LTA will have more presence on the road in the weeks and months ahead as the operation continues and will specifically target illegal motor vehicle operations.

5 of the 56 vehicles impounded contravene License Rental registration while 51 were private vehicles. The team are also monitoring taxis that are operating illegally from another zone apart from the zone assigned.

LTA CEO Mr. Samuel Simpson during a debrief with Enforcement Officers at the LTA impounding yard in Valelevu.

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