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Driver Checklists

Mar 04, 2019

Driver Checklists

In this week’s Sun Wheels Column, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) would like to advise on important checklists for drivers to be mindful of before driving their vehicles on the road.

LTA chief executive officer Samuel Simpson said the checklists are important for drivers to ensure safety on the road.

“Some checklists for drivers to remember are planning their journey wisely, driving safety, emergency planning, and general vehicle safety before driving.

Here are important driver checklists:

Pre-Trip Planning

Allow enough time for the trip (without exceeding speed limits)
- Check the weather and other condition that may be encountered along the way
- Ensure that you are well rested before commencing trip

Emergency planning

Ensure there is a first aid kit and torch in the vehicle
- Carry emergency tools such as battery jumper cables

Check the following elements

- Brake fluid
- Power steering fluid
- Engine coolant
- Transmission fluid (automatic)
- Battery (if unsealed type)
- Windshield washer water
- Engine hoses (visible wear or leaks)
- Belts (visible wear, cracks, or loose)
- Tyre (correct pressure and sufficient tread)
- Windshield and wiper blades
- Side Mirrors
- Windows
- Headlights and alignment
- Fog and parking lights
- Brake lights
- Reverse lights
- Indicators
- Hazard lights
- Engine lights and gauges
- Horn
- Steering (with engine running)
- Rear-view mirror
- Windscreen wipers functioning

General Vehicle Safety

- Do not overload the vehicle. One person per seat belt.
- Ensure trailer and other loads are properly secured

Driving Safety

Do not use mobile phone or other electronic devices while driving
- Don’t drink and drive, drugs or any medications that affect your ability to drive before or while driving
- Take regular rest stops and stop driving if tired
- Pull over at safe parking bay if you have to make adjustments or attend to the needs of passengers
- Pull well over to the side of the road while needing to stop
- Follow all road rules and road signs
- Be familiar with operation of the vehicle and all its control
- Adjust seat and mirrors properly
- Ensure appropriate child restraints are fitted properly

Drivers be mindful of the important checklists.

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