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Daily Drivers PSV Inspection

Apr 09, 2019

With the launch of bus safety awareness campaign this month, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) wishes to advise on safety checks for bus operators particularly.

It is the responsibility of every bus operator to ensure that buses are regularly checked before driving on the road since they are providing an important service to the public.

Here are bus safety checks for bus operators to be mindful of to ensure safety on the road:


Passengers are also advised to be mindful of bus safety measures when boarding and alighting from buses:


  • Wait for bus to stop before leaving your seat.
  • Don’t use mobile phones when alighting from bus
  • Wait for bus to leave and see that the road is clear before crossing the road.
  • Never walk in front or behind a bus.
  • Use crosswalks to cross the road

Passengers are also advised to board and alight from bus at designated bus stops, always ensure your E-Ticket card has sufficient funds, collect your Ticket and produce on demand, do not distract or encourage driver to speed.

LTA Chief Executive Officer Samuel Simpson is reiterating the importance of following safety measures on buses.

“Road Safety is everyone’s responsibility and we all need to do our part to ensure safety on the road.


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