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Road Safety during coke games

Apr 16, 2019

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) advises school children, teachers, parents, drivers, and other road users to be mindful of road safety during the Coke Games which starts on Tuesday.

LTA Chief Executive Officer Samuel Simpson is urging everyone to take extra care on the road.

“Drivers are urged to stay within speed limits and do not over speed."

“Supporters, and school children to be responsible with the use of school flags and banners on the road which is most common during sporting events as any form of distraction on the road can be very catastrophic for drivers,”Mr. Simpson said.

“Children and supporters of respective schools are also advised to refrain from rowdy behaviour in moving vehicles, especially in buses as seen in the past which will disrupt driver’s attention on the road resulting in major road collisions."

The LTA CEO is also reminding drivers who will be engaged during the games with transportation of children and supporters to be more responsible and not get carried away with the excitement of the games with them as concentration on the road is very important when driving.

It is also coinciding with Easter so our roads will be busier as well and staying within speed limits is important to avoid road accidents.

LTA officers will also be on the road monitoring drivers during Coke Games to the Easter holiday period and anyone find breaking the law will be dealt with.

So let us all have an accident free Coke Games and Easter celebration.

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