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Heavy Rains in some Areas Result in Transport Disruption

Apr 23, 2019

As a result of the heavy rain over the past few days some roads are currently impassable until repairs by the FRA can be completed. The situation is very fluid and will change frequently. Please keep watching the Media for updated reports.

A trough of low pressure remains slow moving over Fiji, and associated cloud and rain bands expected to affect the country till Wednesday.

Heavy rain warning remains in force for Vanua Levu, Taveuni and nearby smaller islands, Viti Levu, Yasawa and Mamanuca Group, Lau and Lomaiviti group.

The situation on April 23rd at 11:00 is as follows:

According to advisory from Fiji Roads Authority the following roads are closed:

Central Division; Wairua Settlement Road, Toga Crossing in Nausori, Delailasakau Road, Navunisole Road, R.K.S. Road, Waima Crossing on Nairukuruku Road, Rewa, Nabukelevu Rd, Vatulili Village Access Road, Navulokani Road near Wailoa Road junction in Rewa, Lovoni Bridge, Ovalau, Ovalau Circular Road, Wailoa Road, Nausori

Western Division

Roads closed in Rakiraki; Vitiri Crossing on Vitiri Road, Dreketi Crossing on Dreketi Road, Banisoqosoqo Crossing on Banisoqosoqo Road, Vunikavikaloa Crossing on Vunikavikaloa Road, Savusavu crossing on Lawaki Rd (Dawa Or Nasau), Burenitu Crossing on Burenitu Road, Barotu Crossing on Barotu Road, Rakiraki Access on FSC Road, Narara Crossing on Narara Road, Katudrau Road, Drana Crossing          on Korotale Valley Road, Galau Flat on Waimari Road, Vatukaceva crossing on Vatukacevaceva Road, Lau Ford Crossing on Lau Road, Nausori Crossing.

Roads closed in Ba; Dramasi Crossing, Dramasi Road, Yalakou Crossing, Navala, Vitivanua Crossing, Naseyani Road, Nadelei Crossing, Rukuruku Road, Navala crossing in Ba is underwater and is closed to all traffic. However, Navala Road off from Koronubu till Navala crossing is trafficable. 

Northern Division

Roads closed; Navukuru Crossing - JNC Suweni/Nakorotari Road, Navakuru, Macuata, Nakelikoso Crossing on Nakelikoso Road, Macuata, Lagalaga Flats on Wainikoro Road, Macuata , Qeleimumu Crossing on Coqeloa Road, Macuata, Vunivutu Flats past village on Vunivutu Road, Daku Hill on Wainikoro Road, Emily Flat on Siberia Road, Labasa, Nayarabale Road, Waibula Crossing on North Coastal Road, Taveuni, Bagata Bridge on Vunivesi Road, Cakaudrove, Nadavaci Crossing on Valavala Natewa Road, Cakaudrove.

Bucabay Road is fully closed due to a landslide between Loa Village and Navonu Village.

Flooding in these areas has affected bus services this morning disrupting some services, LTA Branch Managers are managing the situation and taking mitigation actions along Rakiraki and Labasa with RSL, LM public transport operators to assist people to their immediate destinations.

Always contact your local LTA Office for updated information on Bus Services in your area.

Extra care when driving in these conditions is required. There is a risk of landslides and lying water on the road poses a risk. We urge drivers to consider whether your journey is absolutely necessary. If it is not don’t travel. If you have to travel, then check your route first.

When driving in rain use your dipped headlights so that you can see and be seen.

Samuel Simpson

Chief Executive Officer


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