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Buckle-up! Save Lives

Jun 10, 2019

In this week’s Sun Wheels Column, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) advises on the importance of wearing seat belt for drivers and passengers alike.

Seat belt is an important safety measure in vehicles and it is important that everyone is accountable to own safety by wearing seat belt as it will protect us from fatal impact when vehicle stop forcefully or during head on collision with another vehicle on the road.

Here is important seat belt information to remember:

- Always buckle up before driving or riding in a car
- Wear the lap belt low across the hips and below your stomach.
- Wear the shoulder belt over your collarbone, away from your neck.
- A seat belt that works properly will keep you at a safe distance from the dashboard and the airbag. 

Always remember five steps to wearing seat belt:

Face the consequences if You Don’t?

- Failure to use a seatbelt can cause drivers and passengers to be completely ejected from the vehicle, increasing the risk of injury or death in a crash.
- Without a seatbelt you will continue to move forward at the same speed at which the vehicle was travelling before the collision and will be catapulted forward into the structure of the vehicle – most likely into the windscreen, dashboard or steering wheel column, if driving.
- Unrestrained passengers can potentially kill other vehicle occupants on impact.
- Unrestrained rear seat passengers are three times as likely to suffer death or serious injury as belted passengers.

What You Should Do: 

- Always wear a seatbelt, even when travelling short distances.
- Always ensure your passengers are buckled-up, especially children.
- Fasten the lap and shoulder belt across the hips. Do not place the shoulder belt under the arm or across the face or neck.
- Check seatbelts periodically to ensure proper functioning.

Reasons for wearing a Seat Belt:

- Prevent one from being thrown out of the vehicle.
- Prevent one from hitting the windshield.
- Prevent one from banging around the vehicle or hitting the steering wheel, door, etc and
- Airbags are considered to be more effective when the drivers and passengers are wearing seat belt as it will maintain a position in which the air bag can protect a person in case of uncertainty.

Additionally, seat belts can act as best defensive in cases of:

- Road perils;
- Impaired Drivers;
- Unfocussed Drivers and
- Largely staying safe.

Person seating in the rear seats are also advised to wear seat belts to ensure safety as well.

Remember Road Safety is everyone’s responsibility.


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