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Urban Clearways – Guidance for Drivers on what this means for you

Jun 27, 2019

The Fiji Roads Authority has recently announced the phased introduction of “Urban Clearways” in Suva City and Environs. The LTA fully supports this initiative as part of a package of congestion busting measures.

New signage and road markings will begin appearing in the next few days delineating the roads covered by the Clearway Regulations. Look out for these!

The LTA will be patrolling the Urban Clearways in unmarked vehicles to ensure that the Regulations are being complied with.

Remember within an Urban Clearway you may not stop, park or wait when the Clearway is in operation. This includes taxis picking up or setting down passengers. The picking up or setting down of passengers will have to be undertaken on side roads leading off the Urban Clearways.

The potential consequences of ignoring or breaching the Urban Clearway Regulations are:
1. Traffic Infringement Notice/s issued
2. Vehicle Impounding where an obstruction is caused
3. Towing Charges – an obstructing vehicle will be towed away and you will be liable for the costs

Therefore, if you want to avoid the cost of abusing the Urban Clearway Regulations the message is very simple:
- Don’t park, stop or wait in the Urban Clearway designated areas during the hours/days of operation.

Central Suva – Traffic Management System – LTA Enforcement

The new Central Traffic Management System described below is also an essential part of our “congestion busting” enforcement activities.

ONE-WAY NETWORK IN SUVA CITY CENTRE - one-way network introduced in the Suva City centre.

Goodenough Street: (Full Length) One way westbound from the junction of Gordon Street to the junction with Loftus Road;

Carnarvon Street: One-way northbound from the junction with Loftus Street to the junction with McArthur Street;

Carnarvon Street: One-way southbound from the junction with Loftus Street to the junction with Thurston Street.

Tips for keeping legal – always follow the signs, ensure you pay attention to the No Entry signs and directional arrows.

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