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Bus services resume in Seaqaqa

Aug 02, 2019

Dalip Chand and Sons Limited has resumed their Seaqaqa Bus Service route yesterday afternoon following damage to the road network caused by recent heavy rains.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) team inspected the roads and were in contact with the FRA Contractor to seek assurances that an early repair would be carried out to the road in the Naividamu, Seaqaqa area. Following the repairs which were carried out on Wednesday morning a further road inspection was carried out and the road was deemed fit for use by large buses.

While necessary measures are put in place to further upgrade the road, LTA also wishes to remind transport operators that they must always liaise with the Authority in relation to services that are suspended for any reason in order that the Authority can render assistance to get services running again quickly and ensure that customers are kept informed.

Samuel Simpson

Chief Executive Officer

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