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School Holiday Road Safety

Aug 19, 2019

School Holidays are here and it is important that we remind parents of the need to ensure that children are safe and not exposed to the dangers of playing near roads and traffic.

Parents should always know where their children are playing and satisfy themselves that they are always safe. Roads and motor vehicles are a dangerous mixture for children and keeping them safe is vitally important.

Parents should also be preparing their children for the return to school by reminding them of the safety messages below:

- Only Cross the Road at a recognised crossing after checking it is safe to do so
- Don’t cross the road in between parked vehicles
- Always obey the instructions of crossing marshals at schools
- Don’t run to board a bus
- Don’t engage in horseplay when a pedestrian close to the highway
- When waiting for the bus at school form an orderly queue
- When attending sports fixtures or visiting relatives always be well behaved

Remember Road Safety is everybody’s responsibility – Let’s ensure we keep the future of Fiji safe.


Samuel Simpson

Chief Executive Officer

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