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Importation of vehicles and quality standards protecting Fiji Consumers

Sep 12, 2019

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has re-engaged with an expanded remit Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Centre (JEVIC) to carry out pre-shipment vehicle inspection in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand before vehicles are brought in Fiji from these countries.

This is designed to enhance the quality standards of used vehicles that are imported into Fiji.

With effect from 1st October 2019 an expanded scope of off-shore inspection has been agreed with several key stakeholders in Fiji such as the Bio Security Authority, Fiji Revenue & Customs, Fiji Independent Consumer Council and the Consumer Council itself which will now take in the Commonwealth of Australia, New Zealand and of course Japan.

For Australia and New Zealand, the inspections would start on the 1st of October 2019 and vehicles coming into the country without an inspection done by JEVIC after the 1st of November 2019 will not be registered unless the records show that the vehicle had left the country of import prior to 1st of October 2019.

Importers of used vehicles shall pre-determine the vehicle import timeline and receive the JEVIC inspection prior to shipment in order to ensure that these deadlines are not violated.

Vehicle traders are advised to contact LTA or liaise with JEVIC who will arrange with vehicle exporters to conduct inspections in locations around Japan, New Zealand, and Australia.

Vehicle traders and individuals are kindly advised to contact the LTA Standards & Engineering Department on for any clarification.

About JEVIC:

Point of the inspection

This inspection is to ensure that all second hand vehicles imported from Japan, Australia and New Zealand meet the required safety, environmental and import standards of Fiji by going through a pre-shipment border inspection in the country of origin.

What is JEVIC?

JEVIC is a pre-shipment vehicle inspection agency that is accredited to ISO/IEC 17020 Inspection Body Standard for used vehicle Roadworthiness and Structural inspections, Odometer, Biosecurity and Radiation inspections.

What services does JEVIC provide for vehicle importers from Fiji?

a. Structural Inspection
b. Undercarriage Inspection using an inspection ramp
c. Odometer verification inspection
d. Stolen Vehicle Checks
e. Vehicle confirmation to Euro 4 standards
f. Emission test using LTA Approved Equipment and Standards
g. Checking of electrical modifications and visible electrical wirings
h. Checking of engine warning light and engine warning sensors
i. Carrying out Battery Diagnostics for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
j. Any other relevant checks on specialized vehicles agreed upon by both parties
k. Translation - case by case for investigations purposes
l. Photos (12) as per the JEVIC appraisal certificate
m. Appraisal certificate provided
n. Biosecurity inspection for gross contamination only
o. Online access to the certificate data
p. E – certificate

How will I benefit from JEVIC offshore inspections?

a. Ensures safer road with structurally compliant Vehicles being operated.
b. Puts a stop on odometer tampering.
c. Ensures quality investment.
d. Ensures vehicle safety on roads.
e. Avoids adverse health impacts due to emissions and radiation.
f. Avoids unnecessary hassles for service and maintenance of substandard vehicles.
g. Gives the option of reviewing the appraisal report prior to purchase of vehicles
h. Highlights issues (if any) so that it can be easily rectified.
i. Gives a good representation of the physical condition of the vehicles with pictures and drawings.
j. Puts a stop to confidence fraud.

How can I know whether the vehicle I want to buy has been inspected by JEVIC?

JEVIC inspected vehicles have an inspection sticker placed on the vehicle windscreen and an appraisal report issued to the importer electronically.

How is this service beneficial to Authorised Motor Vehicle Dealerships around Fiji?

a. Ensures that the Vehicle is meeting the monetary value spent in acquisition.
b. Promotes marketability to customers
c. Enhances Dealer reputation.
d. Reduces customer complains.
e. Avoids unnecessary problems caused due to sub-standard vehicles.

In what countries and locations is this service available?

a. Japan - Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Moji
b. New Zealand - Auckland, Lower Hutt, Christchurch
c. Australia - Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney

What is the offshore inspection fee per vehicle in the different countries?


Fee (FJD)

Fee (Local Currency – Country of Import)


$260 VEP

JPY 13,569 Tax Excl.


$318 VEP

AUD 206.67 Tax Excl.

New Zealand

$316 VEP

NZD 221.98 Tax Excl.

Note: The fee in the currency of the country of import may vary based on the exchanges rates.

What is the reason for an increase in the offshore vehicle inspection fee from previous years?

The increase in the offshore vehicle inspection fees is due to the additional scope of inspection and services that JEVIC will be carrying out which includes the following;

a. Undercarriage Inspection on a ramp – previous inspections were carried in situ without the use of ramps.
b. Emission Testing using Equipment – previous scope included only visual inspection using the 10 second rule.
c. Checking electrical modifications and visible electrical wirings.
d. Checking engine warning light and sensors.
e. Carrying out Battery Diagnostics for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
f. Other relevant checks on specialized vehicles.

Who do I contact for offshore inspection?

  1. Japan - JEVIC Yokohama
    Tel: +81455218527
  2. New Zealand - JEVIC NZ
    Phone : +6499661777
  3. Australia - JEVIC NZ
    Phone : +6499661777

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