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Essential road safety tips during this rainy weather

Oct 09, 2019

The result of torrential rain being currently experienced in the country has led increased danger to motorists on the road. Rain slicks the road with accumulated oil and dirt, create potholes, and above all leads to poor visibility for drivers.

These can lead to major road collisions. Follow these important driving tips for driving in the rain:

Turn your headlights on

Keep your headlights on while driving in rain during the day.

What to do if vehicle skid?

Ease off the accelerator and continue driving steadily forward
- Do not slam on the breaks

Don’t use cruise control

Rainy weather demands full attention. Keep your eyes on the road, your hands on the wheel, and feet compose properly.
- If the vehicle skid, cruise control can cause you to lose control. And during a skid, the lack of traction may cause the cruise control to accelerate.

Drive smarter

Keep your distance
- Do not tailgate─especially in limited visibility
- Slow down
- Be patient

Drivers are also advised to take extreme care during the Fiji Day holiday as the rainy weather continues while driving on the road. Refrain from over speeding and drive within speed limit. Engage a licensed driver to assist you with for long journey on the road. Don’t drink and drive.

LTA wishes to advise everyone a happy Fiji Day. Bottom of Form


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