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Fire Extinguisher is a must in all Public Service Vehicles

Oct 17, 2019

The requirement for installation of fire extinguisher in Public Service Vehicle (PSV) are as follows;

Vehicles must be equipped with a 1kg dry powder fire extinguisher installed securely within the driver/passenger compartment. The positioning of the extinguisher is left to the discretion of the vehicle owner however the following requirements must be adhered:

- Presence – the extinguisher must be present in the passenger compartment of the vehicle
- Security – the extinguisher must be securely fitted in a bracket
- Condition – the extinguisher must be in a fully serviceable condition ready to be deployed at any time.

Any PSV operating without a fire extinguisher is committing an offence, which will result in the issuing of the Traffic Infringement Notice (TIN) and revocation of PSV licences under the LTA PSV Regulation.

It is our prime objective of road safety to ensure timely and prompt response by drivers in case a vehicle catches fire enabling drivers to quickly extinguish the fire using the fire extinguisher and get out of the vehicle safely as well as other passengers to safety before the arrival of the National Fire Authority (NFA) firefighters.

Samuel Simpson

Chief Executive Officer

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