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LTA upgrades number plate production and disposal of redundant plates.

Nov 22, 2019

The Authority has doubled it’s capacity to produce new number plates with a new centre opening in the Western Division. 

Additionally a “chain of custody” system of handling old and redundant plates significantly reduces the potential for theft of old plates. 

Old number plates are now shredded in an automated process with the aluminium alloy being recycled here in Fiji. 

The new equipment will in turn reduce the customer turnaround time and ensure that all number plates are printed on time and in an efficient and cost effective manner. 

The number plate printing machines have vehicle distinctive features when assigning it to the owners

which include: 

- Emblems and crests
- Holograms
- Holographic hot stamping foil on the embossed plate elements
- Laser engraved marks and UV markers

These new machines will greatly assist the LTA in the registration and licencing of vehicles in the country.

 A reminder to all motorists:
- Operating a vehicle on the highway without either a front or rear number plate or bothis illegal.
- Vehicles may not operate on the highway with pieces of paper stuck in the window,this too is illegal.
- Trucks must have their rear number plate positioned so that all the digits are clearly visible from the rear and the plate is kept illuminated with number plate lights and the plate is kept clean.
- Motorists who do not adhere to the Regulations above are liable to receive costly Traffic Infringement Notices.

The new machines are in operational from yesterday.

 LTA staff operate shredder machine to destroy old number plate.


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