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Taxi drivers - special responsibility to drive safely at all times.

Nov 28, 2019

The drivers of Taxis in Fiji have additional responsibilities to drive safely and with courtesy at all times as they drive for a living. 

The single largest volume of complaints the Authority receives concerns dangerous and careless driving by taxi drivers.

Common examples of unacceptable driving by taxi drivers are listed below:   
- Sudden u-turns
- Stopping without signalling
- Pulling away from the kerb without looking in mirrors or signaling before doing so
- Driving with extreme slowness in either lane causing traffic disruptions and delays
- Picking up or setting down passengers on bends or on the brow of a hill,bridges, and on narrow roads constituting a high risk to passengers and other road users
- Double parking in city and town streets
- Parking on the central reservation (White hatched area) or on footpaths
- Parking in Supermarket car parks fast food outlets sports venues where parking spaces are reserved for bona fide customers
- Cruising at low speed adjacent to hotels,bus stations,bus laybys,shops and in Urban Clearways
- Failure to adhere to taxi stand/base regulations
- Turning onto other roads at intersections with no signals to alert other motorists of the intention to make a maneouvre
- Negotiation of traffic at roundabouts – failing to signal their intent 

In December 2019 a series of LTA “show cause” meetings will be convened in Central/Eastern at which many taxi drivers will have to appear for having an unacceptable driving record. The names of Taxi Drivers and photographs will appear in the LTA Rogues Gallery. Make sure that you are not one of them! 

As the festive season approaches Land Transport Authority and Fiji Police Force Officers will be extra vigilant and will be on the look out for errant taxi drivers. 

Road Safety is everyone’s responsibility Taxi Drivers have a greater degree of responsibility as they derive their living from being on the roads of Fiji.


Samuel Simpson

Chief Executive Officer

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