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Fire Extinguishers

Jan 13, 2020

The requirement for Public Service Vehicles such as Taxi’s having fire extinguishers in place is born out of the major risks vehicle fires pose to the safety of the public and drivers. The Land Transport Authority under the Land Transport Act has powers to establish codes of practice that specify procedures, standards and other criteria. 

The LTA is committed to place paramount importance to the safety of the public and in standardizing safety features in public service vehicles the Authority is doing just that. 

The Taxi Procedures Manual which standardizes the use of Fire Extinguishers in Taxis was developed to promulgate set standard requirements which all taxis are required to adhere to with the idea of vehicle safety, passenger safety and driver safety on the forefront. 

The procedures manual was developed with due consultation with the Fiji Taxi Association which were held on 25th September 2018 and 26th February 2019 respectively and was attended by the executives from the Taxi Association. During these consultation, the Fire Extinguisher requirement was clearly highlighted to the Association members. 

Given the large number of first generation Hybrid vehicles on Fiji roads that are used as taxis these vehicles pose a heightened risk of fire as a result of old and decayed high voltage wiring, battery management systems and traction batteries that have not been properly maintained.

The threat of fire extinguishers used as weapons against taxi drivers is as much apparent as passengers using their personal effects such as umbrellas, hot coffee cups, water bottles, etc as weapons against the drivers. 


Samuel Simpson

Chief Executive Officer


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