To get a RSL Permit, you will need to fulfill some conditions. Below is the process of how you can successfully get a RSL Permit.

Pre – requisites (Prior Condition before Applying)

  1. You should be a Fiji Citizen or hold dual citizenship
  2. Your Age should be greater than 21 years
  3. All Convicted TIN’s must be cleared.
  4. You should not be holder of 2 or more permits

Checklists (What to carry with you when at the Counter)

  1. Details of other business
  2. Address Proof
  3. Bank Statement
  4. Medical Report
  5. Details of Other PSV Operators
  6. Sketch Map of The Stand and proposed route.
  7. Police Clearance
  8. Permit Held By Client or Family Members
  9. Population of the proposed area
  10. Support Letter from District Officer/Provincial Administrator,Commissioner,Turaga ni Koro
  11. Letter from School
  12. Suitability check sheet if vehicle owned
  13. Deed of Trust (if any committee applicant)
  14. Memorandum and Articles of Association
  15. Company Registration Certificate


1 Application fee $65.40
2 Permit fees $28.91


  1. Fill in the application form. Your client ID needs to be created in the LTA’s system. You will than go for the interview. The CSO will check if you are eligible to apply for the PSV permit.
  2. If you pass the interview, you will receive the checklist. If you do not meet the requirements, then application will stop.
  3. The successful applicant then brings the checklist and submits it to the PSV CSO for the first verification.
    1. If not successful, the applicant is informed about the flaws in the application
    2. If successful,
      1. The application is sent to the PSV T/L for the second verification.
  4. Upon successful verification, the applicant is given a newspaper advertisement to be advertise in the daily newspaper and bring back the cutting of the advertisement to the LTA.
  5. LTA will then wait for 14 days to see if any person supports or objects the application.
  6. After this, your application will travel through the approval process
  7. If your application is rejected, you will be advised. LTA will give you a rejection letter
  8. If your application is approved, you will need to register a vehicle before 3 months.

Summary Workflow for all types of permit.

  • PSV NEW Application