Renew RRL Permit

To renew your RRL Permit, you will need to fulfill some conditions. Below is the process of how you can successfully renew your Permit. All PSV permits should be lodged for renewal 28 days prior to the expiry date.

Pre – requisites (Prior Condition before Application)

  1. All Convicted TIN’s must be cleared
  2. Vehicle should be registered under the permit with the vehicle commitments

Checklists (What to carry with you when at the Counter)

    1. Current Address Proof
    2. Latest three months Bank Statement
    3. Current Base Letter - Bus Bay Approvals form Councils or Local Authority's
    4. Original Permit (If Lost, Police Report & Statutory Declaration)
    5. Memorandum of Article of Association
    6. Police Clearance of the Directors
    7. Medical Report of the Directors
    8. Company registration certificate
    9. Current Business License
    10. Application Form signed by the directors and common seal stamp
    11. If Late Renewal (Explanation Letter)
    12. Fleet Commitment with number of individual fleet under the permit
    13. QAMS Certificate


1 Application Fees - $65.40
2 Permit fees Renewal $532.68 for 10 years


  1. Fill in the application form. Produce all the checklist to the PSV officer/ CSO
  2. After this, your application will travel through the approval process
  3. If your application is rejected, you will be advised. LTA will give you a rejection letter
  4. If your application is approved, you will need to pay the fees and register the vehicle under the permit
  5. PSV CSO will print the permit and you will need to collect it

Summary Workflow

  • Renewal Of PSV Permit