Yearly Oratory Contest

  1. This is one of Road Safety major yearly event whereby in partnership with the Ministry of Education, schools from the four major Educational Divisions (Central, Eastern, Western and Northern) participate.

  2. A Road Safety Theme is prepared and students are requested to prepare their speeches based on it and speak and compete with champions from neighbouring schools within their districts. There are three categories in each competition namely Primary (Year 1 -6), Junior, (Year 7 - 10) and Secondary (Year 11 - 13).

  3. The oratory breakdown is as follows
    1. District Oratory
    2. local education districts from each divisions conduct their own competition. Champion orators from schools within the district compete in their category against each other. Winners from category then represent the cluster in the District competition. Schools are encouraged to compete in clusters first with the winner representing the cluster.

    3. Divisional Oratory
    4. Winners from each category in the District competition compete against each other to identify the Divisional Oratory contest winners. Divisional competitions are scheduled to be held on the last week of February.

    5. National Oratory
    6. Winners from each division now compete in the National meet whereby the winners are crowned as their category’s Road Safety National Category winners.

      An overall winner is then acclaimed as the National Oratory Champion.

      This meet is scheduled to be held on the last day of the school first term.

Who Can Participate?

All schools around the nation can participate. Schools can first compete in their own clusters and the winners can then participate in the District competition.

How to Apply?

Schools can enquire through their District Education office or directly to the Land Transport Authority Road Safety Education Department on (679) 3347 143 or email

Major Sponsors for the Oratory Competition

  1. At present Total (Fiji) Limited is the major sponsor for the program and is supported by Fiji Roads Authority and Motibhai (Fiji) Limited.
  2. Individual District business houses also sponsored the District competitions in their own ways.